About Us

Crystal Pharma is run by women aiming to increase quality of health care products imported to Cambodia for the Cambodian citizens. This corporate is founded by Ly Kimseang, a strong woman who is very passionate about the link between health and business. She and her fewer other colleagues started the company with very little investment. However, due to some unexpected setbacks, other co-investors pull out and her niece, Duth Kimsru has joint her business. With little experience in business field, both of them work together to strengthen Crystal Pharma.

As language barrier and lack of experiences for both of the co-investors, there are many challenges they have to face and try to overcome together. Firstly, the company is still small and it needs to have a better money management strategy in order to keep the flow going. Secondly, it focuses on strengthening bond between staff and build a strong team. 

Many companies feel hesitate to invest in capacity building as they might leave for better jobs once they get better skills. Actually, if companies are not trap in this thinking, every company can get better staff since staff are moving with better skills every time. Thirdly, we would to represent our business partners’ voices. For example, we are eager to get feedback from customers and communicate these feedback to our manufacturers who are very much open to listen and make improvement. Fourthly, we hope to increase our sale and cash collection to stay in business.

Although we have to overcome many challenges, we are still very happy to see the growth we have made in the few months. We have a sense of direction and know what should we tackle first. Prioritizing is very important for us at the moment. We also need some skill sets to help us from our staff or short term contract business partners.

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