Common health problems that women face

Some health problems women experience differently than men and occur more often than usual. In addition, there are many health problems for women with unknown symptoms, and most medications do not include women in the testing process. However, women are not included in health concerns including breast cancer, uterine cancer, menopause and pregnancy. Women are more likely to suffer a heart attack than men. Depression and fear are more common among female patients. Women with kidney problems and sexually transmitted infections affect more women than men. Here are seven diseases that occur in women:

  1. Heart disease

Although heart disease is more common in men, women have the same disease as men. Only 54% of women perceive heart disease as a major risk factor for their sexual orientation.

2. Breast cancer

Breast cancer is spreading to other cells, and advanced cancer is affecting women all over the world. This problem is more common in women living in developing countries due to their longer lifespan.

The first cause of breast cancer in women is due to the development of tumors. Most tumors are not serious, but it is important that each woman see a specialist.

3. Cervical cancer or cervical cancer

Most people do not understand the difference between cervical cancer and cervical cancer. Cervical cancer begins in the cervix, while cervical cancer occurs inside the uterus. Both types of cancer have similar pain. Cervical cancer can cause vaginal discharge and pain during sleep.

Cervical cancer is very common, but the situation is difficult to understand. Cervical cancer is later found to be more common than cervical cancer.

4. Pathology

Menstruation and menopause are common during the menstrual cycle. However, any additional symptoms during menstruation can be a sign of health problems and abnormal symptoms such as menstruation between periods and frequent urination can affect other health problems.

Can cause genital health problems that can easily lead to sexually transmitted infections or cancer. If not treated early, it can cause abortion or kidney damage.

5. Problems during pregnancy

Women with health problems can make it difficult for women during pregnancy, which affects both mother and unborn baby. Asthma, diabetes and depression can affect both mother and baby if not properly controlled.

Pregnancy can cause the mother to have a drop in red blood cells called anemia or depression. Other problems can be caused by ectopic births that make it difficult to move. But you can treat it while there is an emergency.

6. Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune disease occurs when cells are attacked by a virus. Because it is more common in women, researchers still do not fully understand it. The disease has the following symptoms: fatigue, fever, pain, skin rash, dizziness.

Most autoimmune systems occur in the abdomen. If this problem can be treated naturally: reduce sugar intake, reduce fat intake, reduce stress, reduce toxin intake.

7. Depression and fear

Increases and decreases in mood can cause depression or fear. Premenstrual symptoms can be more common in women, but abnormal symptoms that occur before menstruation are a serious problem. After childbirth, many mothers may have a condition called depression. But the depression that comes from within can be even more serious with anxiety, mood swings, sadness, or fatigue.

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